Practicing Grace

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Responding to tough personalities and tough situations with GRACE takes practice. Mastery of anything takes determination, knowledge, and conditioning! 


Our Logic of Leadership Program is our most popular program. It comes as a self-paced, CD assisted work book, or as group seminar with detailed leader guide. The facilitated group workshop is divided into six modules and can be delivered as a two day program, or over time in 1 to 2 hour segments.

This program has been used by organizations including Kellogg, Cadillac, Pepperidge Farm, Buick, GMAC, Avon, Microsoft and many others.   


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An Overview

The Logic of Leadership is a six module, two-day training initiative designed for individual participants in a self-paced version or for groups led by a trained facilitator.

The Logic of Leadership teaches processing skills for advanced and beginning leaders by focusing specifically on those areas where the individual has identified his or her own weaknesses. The content of the program adapts itself to the level of leadership being considered by applying concepts and exercises to the specific issues of the participants.

The content is comprehensive, addressing all of the fundamental qualities of powerful leaders. Based on understandings of leadership outlined in our text, "What To Do When It Rains, a handbook for leaders", the program teaches techniques and skill development around those situations where leaders most often lose their optimism and energy due to an inability to smoothly resolve problems.

The Logic of Leadership is designed to help leaders combine intuitive and analytical processing skills to solve leadership problems. The program is based on years of testing and observation in diverse organizations.

Clients of the program past and present include: General Motors , Amoco, Northwest Airlines, Kellogg Corporation, Quaker Oats, Ameritech, Peabody Coal, and others. It has been tested and enthusiastically received in diverse cultures including Europe and the Far East. Leaders of both labor and management, high and low level have embraced the concepts and adapted them to personal leadership styles.

This program is for anyone interested in mastering personal style issues, relationship problems, and communications. The program helps remove blocks to achieving personal and professional visions by working through the instinctive responses to situations as well as the intellectual responses.

As a team building initiative, the Logic of Leadership has achieved high levels of success in difficult situations with long standing histories of antagonism. The program has been delivered with all levels of audience and is received consistently as a "powerful and insight provoking" experience.

Options for implementation include licensing and attending our train-the-trainer seminar, attending one of our public seminars, or purchasing our self-directed version. Materials include binder, CD, and a workbook.

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"Practicing Grace is a completely different way of looking at situations that, when practiced well, is like your own secret weapon!"

Susan Schmitt, Senior VP Human Resource, Rockwell Automation

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