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If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Responding to tough personalities and tough situations with GRACE takes practice. Mastery of anything takes determination, knowledge, and conditioning! 



Excerpt: From the Balcony;new perspectives for Power Games

What is a Power Game?

A Power Game may be either the most refined or the most blatant of attempts to establish dominance between any two individuals or groups of individuals. It can be as simple as controlling the conversation or as complicated as manipulating a series of deals.

Wrong and right is generally not the issue for most Power Games.

„Who‟s in control?‟ is the issue.

Power Games are most often played according to Street Rules. It is sometimes difficult to tell the Leaders from the Bullies when they are engaged in a Power Game. They all look the same, and everybody looks BAD.

Participation in the Games is often both mindless and destructive. We are compelled. Together, we create the endless divorce, the Enron collapse, or the continuous cultural wars of our planet.

What Rules?

A game is an activity involving competition under rules. The point of many games is to anticipate the other player, and to respond appropriately. Additionally, the point is to be in control of the play by directing the action in the way that benefits you, and your team, most.

One of the biggest issues of Power Games is that the rules are unclear and vary from person to person. If you want to play the Games more effectively, you will want to become more astute at understanding the rules under which the other person is playing as well as their objectives for any engagement.

You will also want to spend some time and effort understanding what rules you should follow in order to improve your success.

There are many individuals who operate at a distinct disadvantage in the most of ruthless of Power Games because they have been ill-prepared to cope with the realities of their environment.

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"Practicing Grace is a completely different way of looking at situations that, when practiced well, is like your own secret weapon!"

Susan Schmitt, Senior VP Human Resource, Rockwell Automation

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