Practicing Grace

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Responding to tough personalities and tough situations with GRACE takes practice. Mastery of anything takes determination, knowledge, and conditioning! 


Perfect Speed: Based on the content of our book, Perfect Speed, this short workshop helps you to examine your debilitating beliefs in order to identify blocks to progress. You can read a descriptoin and even an excerpt from the book by clicking here: Click

What to Do When It Rains: This workshop details the steps to responding to crisis successfully. It takes the participant through an in depth understanding of their own capacity to respond effectively and offers both diagnostic and technique for healthy and productive responses.

What to Do When It Rains for Organizations: Designed for leadership groups, this workshop asks leaders to examine the fundamentals of healthy organizations in response to crisis. Participants are focused on the fundamentals of healthy organizations and are asked to evaluate and change their key relatiohnships, communication issues, focus and other pivotal benchmarks in real time. While facilitated, the essence of this conversation, comes from the leaders in their exploration of their own success factors.

The War Between the Whirligigs and the Tanks: This workshop focuses on the style differences which create the most discord in any organizatioln, and how to reconcile them for more successful outcomes. Click here to read more about the book that forms the foundation of this program: Click

Power Game: This short workshop offers a unique view of Power Games by showing the mathematical relationships between Personal and Positional Power and how to use that knowledge to enhance the outcome. You can learn more about the content by reading about the book that serves as the underpinning of this program. Click



"Practicing Grace is a completely different way of looking at situations that, when practiced well, is like your own secret weapon!"

Susan Schmitt, Senior VP Human Resource, Rockwell Automation

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