Practicing Grace

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Responding to tough personalities and tough situations with GRACE takes practice. Mastery of anything takes determination, knowledge, and conditioning! 




Harlan-Evans, Inc. is a 26 year old firm specializing in Leadership at all levels. Our offices are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our clients often visit us in our offices, enjoying the magnificent views from our conference room as they wrestle with tough issues.

We believe Leadership is the responsibility of every person and we have developed a serious body of intellectual property to help individuals and groups understand how to effectively master the challenges of that responsibility.

Through working with talented people and the leadership issues that often derail their careers, Toni Lynn Chinoy (founder of Harlan-Evans, Inc.) began studying the cause and effect relationship between responses and outcomes. She began over 25 years ago to develop a philosophy for effective response which later turned into the books and dvds you will find here. These materials are appropriate for all audiences including teenagers. They offer highly effective strategies and understandings for improving the quality of decisions and responses to tough people and tough situations.

By creating linear constructs for emotionally charged situations, this work offers the reader understanding of complex issues which often erupt unnecessarily into career, relationship, or life disrupting changes.

You will find a completely unparalleled approach to bullies, power games, and leadership in this material. Immediately, your results will change into an apparent effortless mastery of those situations which otherwise often elude and transform the "best and brightest" into emotional, reactive, angry and ineffective communicators and deciders.   

Practicing Grace is the overriding concept which evolved from years of helping people respond against their natural instincts in tough situations. Developing the skills and understandings to react with power and grace takes years of practice and is not for the feint of heart. Begin now by reading our books and signing up for our newsletter. As life becomes easier, you will begin to realize that the hard work of learning Grace is much easier than the realities created by knee jerk, emotional responses.

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Toni Lynn Chinoy


"Practicing Grace is a completely different way of looking at situations that, when practiced well, is like your own secret weapon!"

Susan Schmitt, Senior VP Human Resource, Rockwell Automation

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